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#2092924 - 08/12/16 02:57 PM Tellers ability to change acct numbers
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Our tellers scan their transactions throughout the day through back counter scanners. We are a Fiserv bank and use their module for scanning. Because we have ongoing rejects and mis-feeds, the teller has to be given the functionality to change tran codes amounts and account numbers as they scan to "balance" their batches. There is a report that shows changes made but it includes every change made and our teller mgr is not open to reviewing this report due to the timing required. Internal Audit sees this a gap in controls, the tellers could divert the deposit to someone else's account or change the amount of a deposit.
Do other banks review these types of reports daily?
Are there other options?

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#2092932 - 08/12/16 03:11 PM Re: Tellers ability to change acct numbers SunshineBanker
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We are also a Fiserv bank and process the same way. In one of our last audit this was brought up as well. We have someone outside of the teller area check the report once a month. Our tellers are not even aware that this person is doing it. Because of the size of our bank our auditors agreed with this level of control.

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#2094854 - 08/23/16 08:17 PM Re: Tellers ability to change acct numbers SunshineBanker
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The teller could also just re-write the deposit ticket with another account number.

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#2094858 - 08/23/16 08:25 PM Re: Tellers ability to change acct numbers SunshineBanker
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First of all if management wants every transaction reviewed then your teller manager better get use to it, which is another story. As far as reviewing changes consider using a risk based about based on the transaction size.

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