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#2095113 - 08/24/16 08:47 PM Personal income, commission, Small Business Loan?
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We have an "operating" loan to an individual borrower who is a financial representative for a company and works on 100% commission, which is paid by the company. The following is our lender's explanation of the loan.

" "Sally" is a financial representative at Financial World. "Sally" has been with Financial World since January of 2016. This operating line of credit will help her through the ups and downs of her 100% commission job. "Bob", who is the President of the local office of Financial World has stated that "Sally" has a bright future with Financial World. Because of his relationship with our bank, we are willing to help "Sally" with an operating line of credit. She has a credit score of 746 "

I'm questioning our lender's decision to make this a small business operating loan. There is no business here. It's made to "Sally" who works for Financial World and the loan was made relying on her commission, which is paid by Financial World.

Anyone else agree with me that this is a consumer loan and not a small business loan?

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#2095456 - 08/26/16 01:57 PM Re: Personal income, commission, Small Business Loan? Ryan Yager
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Agree, it is a consumer loan. There is no indication that funds will be used for a business purpose.

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