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#2106040 - 11/04/16 04:35 PM Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana Banking Regulations
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Good Afternoon,

My Bank in Michigan is in the process of buying another institution. This new institution has branches in both Indiana and Ohio. We know all of the Michigan specific banking regulations, now we have to learn Ohio and Indiana. I have having a hard time finding state specific laws regarding these two states. Does anyone know of any resources I might use to find a list of banking laws these two states have. I have already tried the states regulator website and couldn't find much. I am hoping for like a comparison chart of various laws. But I would take anything I can get. Thanks for the help.

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#2106048 - 11/04/16 04:46 PM Re: Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana Banking Regulations Harambe
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Check to see if there's a state banking association.
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