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#2109522 - 12/02/16 08:44 PM Community Development Services
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Just curious. Where do most banks pick up their CD Services at? Employees serving on boards of CD organizations, financial literacy programs, events supporting CD purpose, etc. ???

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#2109528 - 12/02/16 09:06 PM Re: Community Development Services Ryan Yager
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The majority of our CD services come from financial literacy classes at CD organizations. We do have a few employees on boards but I prefer the financial literacy stuff. I think those classes have a much higher impact on individuals and I've convinced our exam team of the same.

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#2109613 - 12/05/16 03:37 PM Re: Community Development Services Ryan Yager
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Kathleen O. Blanchard
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Well, it really does depend upon the organization that the Board is for. Many organizations are high impact and board members can add great value.

I would focus on the impact of all qualifying activities, not downplaying any.
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#2109751 - 12/05/16 11:46 PM Re: Community Development Services Ryan Yager
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I recall when I worked for an OCC bank, the examiners were quite adamant that board services were of higher quality than one-off financial education presentations.

That being said, I agree with KB, do it all.
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#2110552 - 12/13/16 02:57 PM Re: Community Development Services Ryan Yager
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RR Jen
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We "do it all". I encourage board participations, but also try and do a conscious effort to have a presentation in each of our assessment areas for financial literacy to students and seniors.
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