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#2116004 - 01/27/17 10:45 PM Application taken method
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We are working towards taking internet applications, and it has raised a couple questions regarding how to report the correct method through which the applications are received, which generally corresponds to the "this information was provided:" section of the 1003. How would we treat the following scenarios?

1 - Applicant submits an internet application but only completes about half of the information we collect in a full application, we call them the next day and get the rest of the necessary information. Would the application method be internet or telephone? Would it make any difference if the 6 TRID items were or were not provided on the internet portion?

2 - Applicant submits a full internet application, but wants to come into the office to sign the initial 1003. Would this be considered an internet or face-to-face application.

Thanks for any help!

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#2116546 - 02/01/17 07:06 PM Re: Application taken method cgorham
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For us, if all 6 TRID app items are not provided with the internet app and the LO has to call the borrower to finish the app, we consider it a telephone app. And if all 6 items do come in on the internet app, then its an internet app regardless of how the borrower signs/receives the docs.

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#2116554 - 02/01/17 07:27 PM Re: Application taken method cgorham
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Clearest definition I've heard is that it is only face to face if the borrower actually fills out the application in front of or with you.

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