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#2117351 - 02/07/17 09:11 PM Non-Profit List for Services
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I'm considering making a list of non-profits inside our assessment areas that could potentially count for CRA credit if our employees volunteered for (with an emphasis on financial skills being offered). Is there a list or database somewhere that has the non-profit organizations within a certain area? I have found a couple of websites, but it's a bit clunky. I'm looking for something that could be filtered somehow to make identifying the CRA eligible ones easier. I'm almost certainly living in a dream world (I tend to spend most of my CRA time in a dream world....), but I thought it would be worth asking if anyone else has done something similar.

I just thought something like this that was available to employees may help them in deciding to get involved in a non-profit in their community. I have had a handful of employees ask me where they can get involved that would also get the bank CRA credit. I'm very thankful for their consideration, so I think if I can make it easier for them to identify ones in their community, we may have a higher involvement rate among our employees.


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No central clearing house where I am at....I look at initiative group members since I am in a number of large cities in multiple states. Groups like members of Bank On, members of the Alliance for Economic Inclusion, members of United Way's financial stability initiatives, members of national organizations like LISC, members of Money Week initiatives, local CDC associations, statewide associations of CDCs, affordable housing, economic development - groups like these.
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