When the president signed Executive Order 13772, "Core Principles for Regulating the United States Financial System," he set in motion a review of laws, regulations, guidance, reporting and recordkeeping requirements and other government policies affecting financial institutions and the degree to which they promote his seven Core Principles. He also directly ordered the Labor Department to review its Fiduciary Duty Rule, currently due to become effective in April.

  • What legal and regulatory requirements do you think should be rolled back or otherwise changed?
  • What changes would improve efficiency or improve your ability to offer customer services and products?
  • What new and pending rules should not be changed?
  • Which rules have you already invested so much effort and expense in that a rollback would only cost you more?

Our new Regulatory Rollback Forum is for non-political discussions on the pros and cons of rolling back legal and regulatory requirements that affect your bank. Check it out, give it some thought, and let others know what you think!
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