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#2118487 - 02/16/17 04:57 PM Training Ideals....Need help.
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Just looking for some ideals for Training Program, I am new to the bank, but not new to Compliance. They have intranet training, but Examiners have not liked the past training the bank has done.
I am just looking for some ways to make training more "exciting"LOL. We have found that Examiners are actually interviewing CSR's and Tellers and they need to really retain what information is give to them. Does anyone have a system that is working?

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Operations Compliance
#2118765 - 02/17/17 07:12 PM Re: Training Ideals....Need help. PegH
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David Dickinson
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This is a broad topic for which I could talk for a long time - as a professional trainer. In short, you need to mix it up.
Live, in person, training;
computer based;
staff meetings;

Some people learn better by reading, so by hearing, some by doing. Mix it up. Live training is more expensive, but more effective. Webinars are convenient & less expensive, but allow people to be disengaged. Training should be exciting. We typically learn more when we are having fun. That's why we entertain while we teach!
David Dickinson

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#2119186 - 02/22/17 10:22 PM Re: Training Ideals....Need help. PegH
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For BSA training, you could do a case study from an enforcement action or something from the regional news. When it's true, recent news it has more impact.

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#2119342 - 02/23/17 08:42 PM Re: Training Ideals....Need help. PegH
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In providing the training are the employees given an assessment at the end of each training session?

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#2120507 - 03/03/17 08:28 PM Re: Training Ideals....Need help. PegH
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Some banks have gone to the on-line ABA Training.

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