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#2121289 - 03/09/17 01:23 PM Staff Contact Information
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Anyone willing to share with me what guiance you provide managers about how and where they should keep a current list of all their staff and contact numbers? I know some feel they can just keep in their cell/smartphones but this can be problematic if phone losses it charge. We still feel managers/supervisors should keep a paper listing with them (home) in the event of a disaster where they need to reach their staff and redirect them on where to report.

Typically managers could keep a list in a sealed envelope at home. Having the number in their phone is fine, be we don't want to only rely on the phone. We have one manager who emails the electonric list to her home via secure email and keeps a printed copy at home as well as the electronic copy on her home computer.

Disaster Recovery
#2121317 - 03/09/17 02:11 PM Re: Staff Contact Information [Re: NeverEndingSupport]
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We have a disaster call tree with phone numbers included. That call tree is emailed to managers to print as they see fit. Since many did not print or memorize the last email and during a disaster call tree drill, calls were not made timely, I texted a picture of the call tree to each managers mobile phone and asked them to save the picture and enter their staff into their mobile phones.

Our disaster call tree is used also used for extreme weather conditions when certain offices may close. I try to test the call tree a few times a year.

#2121383 - 03/10/17 08:08 AM Re: Staff Contact Information [Re: NeverEndingSupport]
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We use a calling tree and also post information to our website under our employees only section. It requires a general password to see the information.

#2121444 - 03/10/17 10:17 AM Re: Staff Contact Information [Re: NeverEndingSupport]
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I'm interested in what others do as well. I keep a laminated copy in my planner that goes with me wherever I go, but I've been toying with the idea of a notification text type service.

If cell-service is unavailable, most of our folks (including myself) will be with out of contact, because a majority of our folks no longer have personal landlines.


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