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#2132532 - 05/31/17 06:20 PM Substantive Discrepancy?
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Customer is seeking to establish an account in the U.S. as an NRA. They present a foreign passport from Nepal and a U.S. Visa issued in Toronto and verbally states that their foreign permanent address is in Canada. Does a substantive discrepancy exist due to address, thereby requiring proof-of-residency to resolve it?

I may be overthinking this.

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#2132540 - 05/31/17 06:40 PM Re: Substantive Discrepancy? BSA Aficionada
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What's he doing in the U.S.? Why so many moves?

I've called an embassy once before when I had an unusual situation. It took some days for them to get back to me but they did. It seems like he should have the Canadian equivalent of the green card. Which I know nothing about. But there are lots of images of them online.

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#2132553 - 05/31/17 07:14 PM Re: Substantive Discrepancy? BSA Aficionada
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Sounds like a mess just waiting to happen. Passport from Nepal, permanent address in Canada, and a U.S. Visa issued in Canada.....interesting.

Oh, and now they want to open an account in the USA..... No thanks, I'll pass.
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#2133334 - 06/07/17 03:36 PM Re: Substantive Discrepancy? BSA Aficionada
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I'm always fascinated about why we find it so hard to just say "no" to these situations. If you have to spend a bunch of time figuring out if you should open this account, the answer should be no. I'm sure you have better things to do with your time.

Send them off to a larger bank that has more experience dealing with NRA customers. Next........

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#2133373 - 06/07/17 05:34 PM Re: Substantive Discrepancy? TryingtoComply
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I'm always fascinated about why we find it so hard to just say "no" to these situations.

Said differently: The fact that someone handed you a Rubix Cube does not mean you have to solve it.
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#2133384 - 06/07/17 06:28 PM Re: Substantive Discrepancy? BSA Aficionada
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In a perfect world, NO would seem like the obvious solution that would quickly end these types of situations. In the real world of quotas, goals, incentives, and the drive to create a positive "Customer Experience" NO is a dirty word.

It always amazed me how management could talk about the need to be profitable one moment and then give the compliance team grief over not wanting to bank certain high risk customers without assessing fees to cover the added risk and monitoring the next.

Instead of just saying no, you need to build a case and point out the specific risks and how they outweigh the potential reward. Hopefully your voice is heard, but even then you are generally viewed as a road block to providing excellent customer service.

To change Ken's analogy and make it applicable to what I've seen - Instead of a Rubik's Cube someone hands you a hand grenade, so you do have to stop what you are doing and go look for the pin!
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