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#2140916 - 08/04/17 08:07 PM Re: Wildlife Sightings Skittles
thomasj Offline
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Sighting a bear while on foot or on bike is quite different from encountering one from the safety of your vehicle. I have seen them when biking and running and it is kind of humbling to know that no matter how fast I am, I would not be able to get away. Thankfully, the black bears around here are pretty shy and like to keep quite a bit of distance between themselves and people - unless it's a mom with cubs then you best be on your toes. We have a few mother bears on our property so I am always keeping a sharp eye out. We also have a large male that is approaching 500 lbs that I would give quite a bit of room. We catch them on game camera video regularly and they are hilarious to watch when they are scratching their backs on trees or rolling around - the cubs are about the most adorable things you could ever see.
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#2140932 - 08/04/17 09:48 PM Re: Wildlife Sightings thomasj
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Hawks and birds of all kinds, meadowlarks sound beautiful, skunks (usually deceased), kit foxes, antelope, deer, snakes. Cows lots and lots of cows. I enjoy my commute.
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#2140936 - 08/04/17 10:21 PM Re: Wildlife Sightings raitchjay
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Originally Posted By raitchjay
And i'm game for most things....calf fries

I just Googled "calf fries."


Oh heck no!!!
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#2140938 - 08/04/17 11:48 PM Re: Wildlife Sightings Skittles
OldeTymeBanker Offline
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Y'all lost me at snake.
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#2140939 - 08/05/17 12:36 AM Re: Wildlife Sightings raitchjay
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Originally Posted By raitchjay
Originally Posted By HRH Okie Banker
Y'all are welcome to come on down to our annual spring rattlesnake hunt. Lots of festivities including the fried rattlesnake and to hang around the rattlesnake pit. Draws quite a crowd every year.

I will never eat rattlesnake (or any other kind of snake........getting bit by a copperhead and all...i dunno...i just know i'll never want to eat it)....but i'm curious what the taste is like? Is it gamey? Fishy? Chicken-y?

I've had it. It's fairly bland. Tim Love does a dish with rattlesnake & rabbit paired.
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#2140973 - 08/07/17 01:17 PM Re: Wildlife Sightings thomasj
Elwood P. Dowd Offline
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Friends are staying in our house in NC and were good enough to send us a picture of the black bear lounging in our back yard. Gee, thanks! shocked
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#2140981 - 08/07/17 01:55 PM Re: Wildlife Sightings Skittles
Skittles Online
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Up at my parents house in New Albany, IN over the weekend and a fawn ran through the front yard. Really adorable!!
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#2140989 - 08/07/17 02:27 PM Re: Wildlife Sightings Skittles
DoS Offline
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I had an eight point buck (still velvet) with 2 does eating from by bird feeder Saturday morning. They hung out about a half an hour then moved on. Hopefully that buck is still around in a month or two.

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#2140991 - 08/07/17 02:33 PM Re: Wildlife Sightings Skittles
HRH Okie Banker Offline
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Saw a momma deer and her two babies running across my mother in law's yard this weekend. She has a draw, with lots of trees and cover, behind her house that is popular for the deer to travel.
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#2141061 - 08/07/17 05:25 PM Re: Wildlife Sightings Skittles
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At our camp we see deer, fox, and lots of birds - pileated woodpeckers, hummingbirds, great blue herons, and a bald eagle that nests nearby (man those things are big!). Locally at home we have been seeing many fox, some of whom are really bold. The dog and I often see them on our morning walk, and sometimes they'll even challenge you to a staring match (you lookin' at me?)

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