Hi all!
We realized in April that we had a lender that did not complete all the steps to his NMLS renewal. I as the compliance officer do monitor this. I received an email the first of January stating that the lender completed his attestation. I assumed (big mistake!) this meant he was renewed as I also received a similar email for our other lenders. However, I now know after calling NMLS that this attestation was for changing his phone number and branch location and he had to submit an additional attestation to complete his renewal. This was all completed in May. I say all that to ask what do I do about the loans he originated during the time he wasn't active? There are a total of 6 residential loans - 3 of those are mobile homes, 1 HELOC, 1 2nd mortgage line of credit for improvements and 1 plain ol' refinance. Not that it really matters, but all 6 loans total less than $200,000. I know we're out of compliance but how do I fix this?