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#2141674 - 08/11/17 02:02 PM Transaction Limitations on HSA TISA Disclosure
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In regard to the truth in savings for Health Savings Accounts (HSA) I have seen some disclosures that have transaction limitations which express that "HSAs are subject to limitations and/or penalties imposed by the Internal Revenue Service. Please see your HSA Agreement or your tax advisor for additional information" I also see TISA disclosures for HSA accounts that have no transactions limitations or that verbiage anywhere on the disclosure. I am on the fence about whether to include that verbiage or not. For one thing, perhaps transaction limitations is not exactly the right spot to put it, but perhaps it would live nicely in "Additional Terms". Do any of you out there have this verbiage or something similar to it on your HSA TISA disclosures and if so, where do you put it?
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#2141681 - 08/11/17 02:31 PM Re: Transaction Limitations on HSA TISA Disclosure Bec
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You should have HSA custodial agreement in place. The savings account itself, is just a savings account - not sure why you need anything about it being a HSA in your TISA disclosure or account agreement. It is like an IRA - you have an IRA custodial agreement and any account held under that agreement - savings CDs, etc. - are just products held within the custodial account.
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