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#2143985 - 08/29/17 03:18 PM Verifing Beneficial Owners?
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Am I reading the rule correctly???

The bank does not have to verify(Get copies of ID, ETC...) beneficial owners if it relies on the Beneficial ownership certification form (using the sample from FinCEN) as long as the bank has no knowledge of facts that would reasonably call into question the reliability of such information?

Basically having the person opening up the account complete the Certificate and we can rely on that for compliance?


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#2143997 - 08/29/17 03:39 PM Re: Verifing Beneficial Owners? Megaman
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It also states that you need to follow a process substantially similar to your current CIP procedures for verification
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#2144068 - 08/29/17 06:02 PM Re: Verifing Beneficial Owners? Megaman
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You do not have to verify that the beneficial owner is a beneficial owner (e.g. copies of stock certificates, organization docs) but you do have to verify enough information to form a reasonable belief that you have identified the person (as MScarn noted). The beneficial owner procedures may vary from your CIP verification. For example. the beneficial owner rule allows you to request a copy of a government issued ID instead of viewing the original since a beneficial owner may not be present at account opening. You do not have permissible purpose to obtain a credit or Chexsystems report on a beneficial owner so your non-documentary verification may need to change.
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#2150483 - 10/19/17 03:28 PM Re: Verifing Beneficial Owners? Megaman
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So Brian are you saying that obtaining a copy of the government issued ID and obtaining the certification is sufficient for verifying the beneficial owner's identity (unless of course the documentation appears to be fraudulent, etc.)? We currently run IDV checks on authorized signers as well as OFAC but do not run the ChexSystems report you mentioned above. Since we are supposed to use similar verification to our bank's CIP would this require us to run the IDV for beneficial owner's as well? It would be a big time saver for the front line staff if the IDV piece was not required. I'm just not sure how everyone else is handling.

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#2150561 - 10/19/17 08:23 PM Re: Verifing Beneficial Owners? downbytheriver
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"IDV" translates to what, i.e. not the acronym, the process?
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