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#2147999 - 09/28/17 08:07 PM Fair Lending Training for Tellers?
Mel in WA Offline
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Do you require that tellers take fair lending training?

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Fair Lending
#2148000 - 09/28/17 08:08 PM Re: Fair Lending Training for Tellers? Mel in WA
Norman Paperman Offline
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Norman Paperman
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We do, but it is a very limited scope and tailored to the scenarios they are likely to encounter.
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#2148009 - 09/28/17 08:25 PM Re: Fair Lending Training for Tellers? Mel in WA
#Just Jay Offline
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#Just Jay
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Yes, we do.

We use a home made training piece/slideshow that shows how each non-lending department or function of the bank can have an adverse impact on fair lending. It is actually kind of amusing if I say so myself.

Send me a PM and I am happy to share it.
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#2148016 - 09/28/17 08:32 PM Re: Fair Lending Training for Tellers? Mel in WA
NMB Offline
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When I was responsible for training, I had three levels of courses that were available from the training vendor we used. For senior management there was a course emphasizing the importance of loan/underwriting policy, anti-red-lining, disparate impact, etc.. For anyone in the lending world was a fair lending/ECOA course essentially about not discriminating. For non-lending bank personnel, there was a general course on equal treatment of everyone who walks into the bank.
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#2148037 - 09/28/17 09:35 PM Re: Fair Lending Training for Tellers? Mel in WA
Rocky P Offline
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Training should be tailored to the audience. For tellers, greeting everyone, and in the order they came into the branch, inquiring if they needed a loan, offering applications and contact with a loan officer to everyone. Generally awareness of products and how to get them and marketing the loans to the customers.
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#2148297 - 10/02/17 05:27 PM Re: Fair Lending Training for Tellers? Mel in WA
InFairness, CRCM Offline
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InFairness, CRCM
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Yes, we do. We require anyone with any customer contact or any role in the credit process to take fair lending and UDAAP training.
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#2149090 - 10/06/17 07:21 PM Re: Fair Lending Training for Tellers? #Just Jay
MBrownie Offline
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If you wouldn't mind sharing, I would appreciate it Jay! Training coming up for ALL staff this month and my topic is fair lending / fair service. Thanks! Sent you a PM

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