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#2150895 - 10/23/17 10:35 PM SAR Review Period
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I'm sure this has been answered before, but here goes.....

When conducting a review of activity do you instruct your analysts to review activity to the current date or do you have a hard stop at the previous month end?

For example, at my new bank we run our batch for the month. Analysts are instructed to review the previous three months activity. Activity occurring in the current month would not be reported until the next batch or when the supplemental SAR is prepared.

I have never done it this way. There are occasions when there is activity occurring in the current month that makes the activity look more suspicious, so I want to include it.

I know that this requires some attention to the dates when filing a supplemental SAR, but that can be documented on a worksheet.

Curious to know what others are doing.

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#2150921 - 10/24/17 01:24 PM Re: SAR Review Period TryingtoComply
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I always review to current--in fact I check again before approving the SARS to file in case anything else can be included. Could save me filing a supplemental SAR to include everything suspicious. In our 90 day reviews, we document the activity 'through date' for the previous SAR and start from there.

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#2150963 - 10/24/17 04:31 PM Re: SAR Review Period TryingtoComply
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We review activity up to the current business day. As you mentioned, this gives us a better idea of the activity and also may help us to avoid a loss if we catch it soon enough.
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#2151163 - 10/25/17 07:34 PM Re: SAR Review Period TryingtoComply
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Sometime up through that very day.

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