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#2151269 - 10/26/17 04:08 PM ATM Safety Act - Card Issue/Reissue Disclosure
Fitumi365 Offline
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According to NY Bank Law Article 2-AA § 75-e, We are required to disclose in writing safety precautions described in paragraph (d) of subdivision three of section seventy-five-c of the article:

(d) A clearly visible sign which, at a minimum, provides the following
(1) the activity of the automated teller machine facility is being
recorded by a surveillance camera or cameras;
(2) customers should close the entry door completely upon entering and
(3) customers should not permit any unknown persons to enter after
regular banking hours;
(4) customers should place withdrawn cash securely upon their person
before exiting the automated teller machine facility;
(5) complaints concerning security in the automated teller machine
facility should be directed to the banking institution's security
department or the department of financial services, together with
telephone numbers for such complaints, and that the nearest available
public telephone should be used to call the police if emergency
assistance is needed.

Is there an exemption to this? It seems silly. In addition, we've sampled other local Bank issue/reissue disclosures and they do not have the safety info. Are we all out of compliance or am I missing the exemption?

Any feedback is helpful.

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#2151952 - 11/01/17 05:02 PM Re: ATM Safety Act - Card Issue/Reissue Disclosure Fitumi365
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You are here
in the past we just posted a sign. new bank does not have ATM.

I do not believe that a disclosure was/is need. Even if it is how would you disclose to non-customers using your machine.
Opinions can be considered as coming from anywhere but my employer.


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