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#215254 - 07/25/04 11:23 PM closed account fees

I am curious if many banks charge a fee if customer closes out account within a certain number of days?

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#215255 - 07/26/04 01:31 PM Re: closed account fees
Tricia Offline
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We don't charge a fee if a customer closes an account within a certain number of days. Although, I have heard of other banks doing this...I think one bank in town charges a fee of $15.00 if the account is closed within the first 30 days.
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#215256 - 07/29/04 04:56 AM Re: closed account fees
Strategery Offline
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We charge $50 if closed within first 6 months.

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#215257 - 08/06/04 09:08 PM Re: closed account fees
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We charge $10.00 fee if closing the account within 90 days of opening.

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#215258 - 08/06/04 10:07 PM Re: closed account fees
Andy_Z Offline
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These fees are common. In some cases they are meant to dissuade the check casher from opening an otherwise bogus account. You put a lot of time into opening and programming. I think this fee is earned. It can be waived if circumstance are deserving.
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#215259 - 08/07/04 10:30 AM Re: closed account fees

We charge 50$ if a customer closes their account within 180 days of opening it. Personally, I think that is a little steep but that is our policy.

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#215260 - 08/09/04 06:27 PM Re: closed account fees
Bankerette Offline
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We charge $15 if new account has been closed within 90 days of opening the account.

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#215261 - 08/10/04 01:18 AM Re: closed account fees
Banker Boy Offline
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We charge $25 within the first 6 months. However, we waive the fee if they are transferring the funds to another type of account (ie: checking to savings) or if they have other accounts beside this one.

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