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#2161834 - 01/25/18 04:13 PM CRA & Bank tours for young children
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Has anyone had any experience in allowing a small group of young kids (think 6 year olds) come tour the bank? We have a daycare in our town asking as they would like to have a more educational set of field trips this year.

We will certainly accommodate them, but if you have any ideas of what we could show 6 year olds in the bank that might interest them, I would appreciate it!

I'm assuming this could also give us 'points' in our CRA Exam (?).
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#2161855 - 01/25/18 05:17 PM Re: CRA & Bank tours for young children Banker K, CRCM
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I would think it would count for CRA service, at our last exam they suggested we up our financial education as it's a great way to get service credit. Bonus if we can provide in LMI area or to specific LMI individuals.

Is daycare located in an LMI or Underserved tract? If it's a large daycare, they may offer discounted rates based on income--they'd have info on their average family wages then. I'd ask. But I do think it's a great idea either way.

Give them a tour then do an easy trivia game about the bank or about money with candy prizes. Or print fake bank dollars and let them 'pretend' at the bank.

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#2162015 - 01/26/18 03:27 PM Re: CRA & Bank tours for young children Banker K, CRCM
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The ABA's Teach Children to Save program has a lesson for kiddos that age, it's free you just have to "register". Silly Sam's savings was a hit for our local kindergarten class.

Ask the teacher if they have any documentation on how many children qualify for government assistance (daycare tuition or lunches). If they don't track that, I've had success using the local elementary schools free and reduced lunch percentage.
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#2162056 - 01/26/18 04:50 PM Re: CRA & Bank tours for young children Banker K, CRCM
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Kid always enjoy looking at/in the vault.

Shredded currency

The Federal Reserve of Cleveland has a virtual tour available of the Money Museum

Practical Money Skills

Peter the Pig Money Counter This is the ink to an order form/page where you can request this CD. This tool is also available for download on an iphone or android. This is an interactive video game that teaches kids ages 4-7 about counting coins.

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