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#2166869 - 03/06/18 04:49 PM CD Loans
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Has anyone been asked to provide at an examination the NAICS code? I had never experienced that before in my prior exams from the OCC or even with previous FDIC.

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#2167143 - 03/07/18 11:32 PM Re: CD Loans Cat Lover
Moman Offline
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Just went through an exam in Q3, and was not asked for NAICS codes.

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#2167413 - 03/09/18 04:05 PM Re: CD Loans Cat Lover
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We use the NAICS codes right from the beginning so that we know what kind of loan we are looking at. The staff boarding loans in our systems must enter the NAICS code. I think they come from the SBA, although I am not certain.
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#2167418 - 03/09/18 04:31 PM Re: CD Loans Cat Lover
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Our commercial credit approval docs have the NAICS code on them, but I have never had a CRA examiner ask for them.
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#2167486 - 03/09/18 08:20 PM Re: CD Loans Cat Lover
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NAICS codes would be important to document if the business meets the size eligibility standards for the loan to qualify under the Economic Development prong.
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