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#2168261 - 03/14/18 08:54 PM Updating Website to be ADA Compliant
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The vendor we use for our website wants to charge us annually for updates in order for the website to continue to be ADA compliant. Is this something every bank is doing on an annual basis or maybe every other year?

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#2168273 - 03/14/18 09:09 PM Re: Updating Website to be ADA Compliant compliance0719
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Ask them what they are basing "compliant" on. As far as I know, we are all still waiting for the ADA to weigh in on this.

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#2168274 - 03/14/18 09:15 PM Re: Updating Website to be ADA Compliant compliance0719
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The World Wide Web Consortium put this out a long time ago. Are they "recommending" these updates or telling you they are mandatory?
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#2168877 - 03/19/18 01:10 PM Re: Updating Website to be ADA Compliant compliance0719
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The DOJ has removed all it was proposing so we won't see a law/reg to follow with specific guidance but that won't remove the risk or litigation or reputation if the bank hasn't followed at least the minimum guidance of web accessibility.

If a vendor is managing your website, I would ask how often it is updated. Those updates, each of them, needs to comply with the standards the bank selects for ADA compliance. You can't, as a raw example, add a graphic in January and add the ALT-tags in December to make it usable by a screen reader. So if the charge is annual for the work done throughout the year, that seems logical. But it should not be catch-up work. Do as you go.

Personally, I believe every vendor should be doing this. Otherwise it's like buying a car, but if you want working headlights, that's extra. ADA compliance should be built in and changes should incorporate ADA requirements as you go. There may be levels of compliance the bank opts for, but those are internal decisions or levels the vendor offers. Some ADA compliance is really basic, some more difficult. If a bank waits to retrofit a site, it will be more costly than doing it as you go.
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#2169275 - 03/20/18 09:04 PM Re: Updating Website to be ADA Compliant compliance0719
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The service is definitely worth it, I wouldn't extend any further than annual. Lots of scummy law firms out there that search for banks that are out of compliance. They just happen to have a client in your state who is disabled and was looking for a bank account, and was truly devastated when he/she couldn't find all of the information on your community bank 200 miles away from where they live. They're really just out for the greater good of disabled people though, so as long as you pay their "legal fees" and fix your website, the suit will be dropped!

Basically, don't skimp an ADA compliance. Web or physical, there's always someone waiting for a reason.

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