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#2175808 - 04/30/18 02:20 PM CRA Investments
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We are undergoing a CRA Exam. We have been documenting Municipal Investments that are in low to mod areas.

For example, a bond with the purpose say water and sewer improvements, new roads, etc.

If the location is in a county with majority low to mod or middle distressed geographies - we have been adding those to our list of CRA investments thinking the improvements would revitalize/stabilize.

The examiners are saying this would not chin the bar because its not specifically in an official revitalization zone - or the bond is not part of a state revitalization program.

I know the rules are changing but was thinking we had gotten credit for this type of instrument in the past.

Should we get credit for this?

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#2176082 - 05/01/18 04:40 PM Re: CRA Investments beegee
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Our opinions don't stack up well against examiners. You will most likely need to seek out the ombudsman or move your question up the examiner chain.
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