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#2181424 - 06/12/18 12:22 PM Title Services Disclosed on WPL vs. LE
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I've gotten some contradictory advice on what services need to be disclosed on our WPL, specifically the format of our title charges. We currently list one title company on our WPL that covers most of our footprint. However, each title company seems to call the fees different names (Lender's endorsement fee v. Endorsement Fee). Do the names and descriptions of the various fees disclosed on the WPL have to match the names and descriptions of the corresponding fees on the LE. For instance, we disclose fees for Title Company A on our WPL. The borrower picks Title Company B. They have similar fees but name them differently. How do they need to match up?

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#2181427 - 06/12/18 12:24 PM Re: Title Services Disclosed on WPL vs. LE [Re: B.S.50]
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As soon as the borrower choses a company not on your list, it doesn't matter what fees they charge. Naming and cost all fall into Section C - services shopped for with an unlimited tolerance.

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If the customer shopped - they don't have to match up.
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You should use the name of the fees from Title Company B or whatever on the CD here, but as far as the initial LE, the point is for Section C to match your Written Provider List. You are only responsible for knowing the services for the written provier you work with and have listed. As others mentioned, once the borrower shops and picks their own company, then the WPL information really no longer comes into play.