FYI- We are tracking three separate laws in Connecticut with effective dates in October. They are:

CT SB 391 Foreclosure Mediation Update
-mortgagors are no longer required to attend first mediation session in person, if represented by counsel.

CT SB 472 Data Breach and Security Freeze Provisions
-Prohibits credit reporting agencies (CRA) from charging a fee to consumers to place, remove, or temporarily lift a security freeze on a consumer's account. Also prohibits CRAs from requiring that consumers agree to limit their claims against the agency, as a condition of placing the freeze; and increases the length of time that identity theft prevention and mitigation services must be provided to a consumer after a security breach from 12 to 24 months.

CT SB 395 Reverse Mortgage Provisions
-Creates state requirements for the provision of housing counselling to prospective applicants, as well as certification requirements for said counselling. Also refer to SSB 150.