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#2182192 - 06/18/18 09:15 PM What dollar amount do you report
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Its like I have never filed a SAR before. Brain is melting and I need help. Working with a new AML software and the SAR is for structuring. In the past, my AML software would just report the cash amount. For this software, it is reporting the whole transaction report. To me that seems like an overstatement of the actual amount of transaction for the structuring that I am dealing with. The transaction was for $15,000 but the cash was for $9,000. I have watched the SAR video and there is no guidance there. I have used the SAR form on the BSA efiling website and when I hover over that field it says enter total dollar amount of suspicious activity. Does anyone have any good tried and true advice as to what dollar amount is reported in a structuring case where the cash amounts and the total transaction amounts are not the same?
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#2182195 - 06/18/18 09:20 PM Re: What dollar amount do you report Bec
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Our BSA software also picks up transaction amount for the SAR total. We have to manually change the transaction amount to equal the cash in, if that is all we are reporting.

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#2182364 - 06/19/18 08:20 PM Re: What dollar amount do you report Bec
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I went to a bank that was cited for this during an FDIC exam. The examiners noted that the activity described in the narrative did not match the dollars reported. The checks were not considered suspicious. You will need to manually change the amount reported.

I ended up overseeing the corrective action. Over 30 SARs had to be corrected. This had gone on for quite some time.

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