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#218 - 12/12/00 06:21 PM Equal Housing Lender Logo

Does anyone know a where I can get the "Equal Housing Lender" logo on the net? I have tried to copy it from other sources and have an old image file, but they both come out blurry when they are printed on paper. I was able to find the "Equal Housing Opportunity" logo on the HUD website, but not the one for lenders. Any help is appreciated.

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#219 - 12/13/00 01:44 PM Re: Equal Housing Lender Logo
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On the Net
Point your browser over to for the printable versions of the Equal Housing Opportunity logos. Can you use this to crop and create what you want? The two are used almost interchangably since the FDIC rules were amended in 1997 allowing either, or.

FYI, web graphics are usually degraded to about 72 dots per inch. This is so they load faster. Graphics intended for printing will be 300 DPI or better so they look good on paper. The two have different intended purposes.

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[This message has been edited by Andy Z (edited 12-13-2000).]

My opinions are not necessarily my employers.
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