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#2204671 - 01/31/19 10:07 PM Total number of units
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Ok, my brain is getting overloaded, as it does each year around this time, lol!
In reporting the number of units...when we have a loan and it has 4 different properties, each a single home dwelling, I pick one to report on (I use the address/property that values for the most), but all 4 properties are as collateral, would I report 1 or would the number of units be 4? When I start thinking about it I start thinking ok, are we needing to report how many units that the property I reported on has, which would be 1 because it's a regular home, single family dwelling, or does the number of units pertain to all, all that we have securing the loan?

Can anyone help clear my temporary confusion on this? Thanks.

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#2204684 - 01/31/19 11:34 PM Re: Total number of units Catm1991
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The number of units pertains to the loan as a whole, so you would have "4" here. I created a little cheat sheet for this topic:

Property-Specific Data Points

The following points will be reported ONLY for one dwelling/collateral property, as selected by the institution:

Property Address;
Property Location;
Construction Method;
Occupancy Type;
Lien Status;
Manufactured Home Secured Property Type; and
Manufactured Home Land Property Interest.

For the remaining data points, report the transaction as a whole by combining the property values, including securities or other non-real property collateral, or units for the following property-related data points:

Combined Loan-to-Value Ratio;
Property Value;
Total Units; and
Multifamily Affordable Units.

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#2204857 - 02/01/19 10:26 PM Re: Total number of units Catm1991
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Thank you so much NABW!!!!

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