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#2207414 - 02/28/19 05:06 PM Fair Housing Act
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Some how I have convinced myself that under Fair Housing Act Marital Status is required in most all cases even for HELOCs. We are not a HMDA reporter and I am familiar with Reg B's requirements.I know HELOC's don't require gov't monitoring info, but as I said I just think marital status info should be collected for all consumer real estate transactions. Agree/Disagree?
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#2207461 - 02/28/19 08:08 PM Re: Fair Housing Act OnTheEdge
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What portion of the Fair Housing Act are you referring to.
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#2207880 - 03/05/19 10:50 PM Re: Fair Housing Act OnTheEdge
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There is no reference to marital status in HUD's regulations that implement the Fair Housing Act.

Certain national banks collect data pursuant to the following OCC regulation. It includes a reference to marital status.
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