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#2209224 - 03/21/19 07:19 PM Revised CD - Appraisal Fee to Lender
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On the LE the appraisal was going to be done by an outside appraiser disclosed in bucket B at $375. Between LE and CD decision was made that an in-house appraisal would be sufficient. On the CD that fee ($75) was incorrectly disclosed in bucket B again. It should have been in bucket A. It was however included in APR calculations. Because there were no actual errors in the amount of fees charged do we still need to send a revised CD?
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#2209231 - 03/21/19 08:23 PM Re: Revised CD - Appraisal Fee to Lender OnTheEdge
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There is no provisions to switch fees between Section B and A from an LE to a CD. So when you send the revised CD, I suggest you cure the $75. Also, a fee to do an in-house appraisal or evaluation is not a prepaid finance charge.
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