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#2210781 - 04/10/19 05:02 PM Closing Costs Financed
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I'm fairly new to TRID and don't know why I'm struggling with this so much.

Situation: Refiance using Alt. Calculating Cash to Close

Loan Amount: $112,000
total Closing Costs (J): -$3041.29
Closing Costs Paid Before Closing: $425.00
Total Payoffs and Payments (K): -$109,808.15
Cash to Close $424.44 From Borrower

Closing Costs Financed on the Disclosure is $0

When I take the loan amount and subtract all payments to 3rd parties not otherwise disclosed I get $2191.85.

What am I missing?

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TRID - TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosures Rule
#2210939 - 04/11/19 08:56 PM Re: Closing Costs Financed Mountaineers_Fan
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You are correct and your disclosure is incorrect. We developed an excel table that calculates the amount properly and then we have to manually correct the table in the disclosure.

Thinking about it, the difference between the loan amount and the payoffs and payments is the maximum amount of closing costs financed. 112,000 - 109808.15 = $2191.85. If that amount is less than the closing costs less amount paid before closing, which in this case it is, you take the $2191.85.

Backing into it another way, your total closing costs is $3041.29, borrower already paid $425, borrower is bring in $424.44; $3041.29 - $425 - $424.44 = $2191.85.

We have an excel table we developed to double-check the amounts disclosed by our system are correct/

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#2212012 - 04/24/19 07:46 PM Re: Closing Costs Financed Katherine
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Would you be willing to share?!? If so, my email is!

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