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#2212506 - 04/30/19 08:33 PM Purchase of cashier chech
elebra Offline
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Who should checks be written to purchase cashier checks? Payable to the bank or payable to person purchasing the cashier check?

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#2212514 - 04/30/19 09:54 PM Re: Purchase of cashier chech elebra
osucpa Offline
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Payable to the bank. The customer is purchasing a negotiable instrument.

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#2212518 - 05/01/19 12:59 AM Re: Purchase of cashier chech elebra
BrianC Online
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I disagree. A dishonest business employee can make checks payable to the bank telling their employer that they are making loan payments and instead purchase cashier's checks and a good lawyer will sue the bank for being culpable in not applying the checks appropriately to the business' loan.

If your customer wants to purchase a cashier's check they either make their check payable to cash or to themselves. Even better, have a separate ticket/trancode for a monetary instrument purchase which requires a customer/authorized signer signature.
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#2212538 - 05/01/19 01:12 PM Re: Purchase of cashier chech elebra
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agree with Brian, we use a separate tran code for these
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