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#2212956 - 05/07/19 01:31 PM CRA LAR Reporting Revenue Codes of NA
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Good morning,

I looked at several older posts from Bankersonline, and I wanted to verify this:

My Bank has many commercial loans where loans that are originated in an individual's name, using a CRA Call Code of 1e1, 1e2, 4 are logged as CRA small business loans. Typically, the income used in determining the revenue code is derived from a credit department analysis of the customer's financials.

My questions is if the loan is in an individual's own name, would the revenue field of "NA" always be appropriate if the customer is not an entity (i.e. borrowing in their personal capacity aka "John Doe")?

Or would the "NA" field be appropriate only if there are no financials for the borrower, BUT if the customers had financials would a "1" or "2" be then apply?

Thank you in advance

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#2213615 - 05/15/19 01:52 PM Re: CRA LAR Reporting Revenue Codes of NA Frosh
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Individuals do not have revenue but income. So if you relied on the "Income" John Doe derives from the business, then the revenue code would be a "3" - Not known or did not rely on.

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#2213692 - 05/15/19 06:29 PM Re: CRA LAR Reporting Revenue Codes of NA Frosh
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TM - I look at Schedule C, E and/or F for revenues for individuals, and code CRA appropriately, based on what was relied on based on those revenues. Individuals might have revenues on those schedules that pull forward to income on the 2040 itself.

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