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#2213929 - 05/17/19 05:44 PM CBD Oil Store
StormFront Offline
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We are anticipating being asked to bank a store that sells only CBD oil made from hemp.
Please give me the lowdown on how to determine if this is a MRB or not, which is currently against our BSA policy.
What questions to ask? Monitoring forever? Thank you.

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#2213947 - 05/17/19 07:25 PM Re: CBD Oil Store StormFront
RockChucker, CAMS Offline
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The Country
You are probably going to get a few different opinions on the matter. Everything I have read does not indicate that CBD oil is legal. Yes, the Farm bill did legalize hemp but you can get CBD from both Hemp and Marijuana. That and I've heard some hemp growers who find they have to high levels of THC will process the CBD and sell it. Way too much hand holding, certifying and work for it to be worth it in my world. Best of luck.
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#2214163 - 05/22/19 01:21 PM Re: CBD Oil Store StormFront
RR Joker Offline
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RR Joker
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Saw where the grandma at Disney got arrested for prescribed oil. shocked
My opinion only. Not legal advice.

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