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#2215771 - 06/14/19 04:41 PM Reg E and Facebook
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Got a call from our Reg E officer a few minutes ago. We have a customer who is disputing charges made in Boston at Fenway Park a few days ago. This customer has lied before on a Reg E claim and when confronted he withdrew. The Reg E officer took a quick look at his public pictures on Facebook and noticed a picture posted of Fenway Park the same day as the charges. In the comments, a friend asks "Are you there" and the customer replied "Yes." I was asked if we could deny the claim based on the Facebook photo and comments.

I've told the Reg E officer that we can confront the customer and see if he will withdraw the claim, but proving he was in Boston and lied is not proof he made the charges. Either way we need to get this account closed.

I hate giving this customer his money back. Does anyone see a way to deny based on this photo? I'm sure there's not. But I've been surprised before. smile
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#2215782 - 06/14/19 05:46 PM Re: Reg E and Facebook Cracked Egg
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This customer has lied before on a Reg E claim and when confronted he withdrew

why are they still a customer?

is his claim an unauthorized transaction? was it a pin based transaction? did customer at any point notify the bank that he lost his debit card/credit card? i think you need to see what avenues of investigation you can undertake, which may include a conversation with him where you point out he admits on social media to being at the same place he claims an unauthorized purchase was made.

can you deny solely on the facebook post? well, you certainly have the ability to do so, but you may have a hard time defending it if a regulator comes knocking if that is your sole reason for denying the claim. I would not be comfortable denying with no additional information.
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#2215883 - 06/17/19 07:30 PM Re: Reg E and Facebook Cracked Egg
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I'd say that your evidence that he was in Beantown at Fenway on the day in question gets you about 75% of the way home (that's a triple!) I am reasonably sure a quick interview with this guy will get you home. And then eject him from the game!
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