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#2216169 - 06/20/19 07:38 PM Referral Flyer
Chelsea C Offline
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If I am reviewing a referral flyer that is offering $150 to new and qualified customers and $150 to the referrer, would I need to include bonus language? If so, is there "standard" bonus language other than following the standard guidelines for listing bonus information?

If and when this new customer qualifies for the $150 "bonus", would we file a 1099-INT or a 1099-MISC? I found this language written by a consulting firm:
"If a bonus is offered to a customer for opening, adding to, or maintaining an account, the IRS defines this as interest. If you
give an item, other than money, you must determine the fair market value."

but I feel as if that contradicts what I found on Banker's Online from years ago:
IRS Reporting - Customer Referral Cash Bonuses:

We have paid cash bonuses to customers for referring friends to us to open a checking account. Do we report this bonus on a 1099MISC as a miscellaneous bonus (for bonuses over $600) or on a 1099I as interest(for bonuses over $25)?

It would be considered miscellaneous income and not interest income and as such would be subject to a 1099MISC."

I would appreciate any guidance you can give!

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#2216189 - 06/20/19 09:01 PM Re: Referral Flyer Chelsea C
rlcarey Offline
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It would be MISC income to the referrer and interest income to the person opening the account.

What do you mean by new and qualified? These aren't mortgage loans are they?
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