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#2218912 - 08/01/19 02:38 PM A thank you
Beagles22 Offline
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State of confusion
Hello all! I know I have not posted much in the past couple years - but I also think many of you are in the spot I have been in - overwhelmed, overworked, stretched too thin with no time to think let alone go online during work. Well, my bank was sold and in the process my position (VP Compliance, BSA officer, Security Officer - among others...) was eliminated. After 19 years at the bank I was scared, I was mad, I was many things laugh.

Now I want to say thank you all - for helping me through those 19 years. When I was new and knew nothing and asked SO many quesitons. When I was mid-career and thought I knew more than I did, you guys corrected me and kept me on track. Now, you have become in many cases not only my colleagues but also my friends.

I am making a large change in my career. I am leaving the compliance arena behind. I have taken a job where I will work with the core system I have been using at my bank my whole career and working directly with banks on the BSA side. Helping banks with AML and BSA exclusively will be a wonderful and exciting new direction and I can't wait. I hope to see some of you on my travels and although I will no longer work at a bank, I am hoping I will now have the patience and energy to come visit the fourms more often after work.

Thank you all again - this is a great support system for bankers and I honestly don't know where I would be without it. It helped me feel less crazy and more educated the last 19 years!!!
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#2218918 - 08/01/19 03:09 PM Re: A thank you Beagles22
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Pulling people out of the ditc...
enjoy the new challenge, best of luck
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#2218922 - 08/01/19 03:42 PM Re: A thank you Beagles22
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Best of luck, Beagles. Sounds like the new gig will be fun!
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#2218926 - 08/01/19 04:14 PM Re: A thank you Beagles22
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Beagles!!! Yeah, congrats to you! What an exciting new endeavor (right up my alley)! Best wishes!!! smile

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#2218930 - 08/01/19 04:21 PM Re: A thank you Beagles22
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Congratulations Beagles! So glad this is worked out well for you!!
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#2218947 - 08/01/19 06:09 PM Re: A thank you Beagles22
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RR Joker
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Beagles, I've been right where you were and it is NO FUN AT ALL! congrats on your fresh almost new arena! Best of luck to you!
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#2218960 - 08/01/19 08:16 PM Re: A thank you Beagles22
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Way, way south.
Giddy up.

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#2218972 - 08/01/19 09:14 PM Re: A thank you Beagles22
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Glad I made the friends list. wink I know you're going to rock this. Congrats! You definitely earned it.

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#2218976 - 08/01/19 09:44 PM Re: A thank you Beagles22
'Lil Freak! Offline
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The psych ward

Good luck!
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#2218983 - 08/02/19 12:17 PM Re: A thank you Beagles22
Purple Pride Offline
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Go Beagles...Go Beagles...

Congratulations and best wishes on the fresh start.
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#2218985 - 08/02/19 12:56 PM Re: A thank you Beagles22
Rocky P Offline
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Like the others, congratulations. And a huge THANK YOU to you for such a sweet note. You made our day!

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#2220529 - 08/27/19 08:17 PM Re: A thank you Rocky P
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Good luck!

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#2220530 - 08/27/19 08:21 PM Re: A thank you Beagles22
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Best of luck!!

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