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#2220182 - 08/21/19 08:26 PM Reg E - Change in Terms - ATM Limit increase
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Sec. 1005.8 Change in terms notice; error resolution notice.
(a) Change in terms notice. (1) Prior notice required. A financial institution shall mail or deliver a written notice to the consumer, at least 21 days before the effective date, of any change in a term or condition required to be disclosed under ยง 1005.7(b) of this part if the change would result in:

(i) Increased fees for the consumer;

(ii) Increased liability for the consumer;

(iii) Fewer types of available electronic fund transfers; or

(iv) Stricter limitations on the frequency or dollar amount of transfers.

Do you think we need to send Chang in terms for increase in ATM limits?
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#2220190 - 08/21/19 09:06 PM Re: Reg E - Change in Terms - ATM Limit increase OnTheEdge
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Duplicate thread

Per forum rules, please do not post the same question in multiple forums.
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