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#2221817 - 09/18/19 02:38 PM ODP Transfer form
BJ Blazko Offline
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Is it necessary to have a customer sign a form for setting up overdraft protection transfers (e.g. auto transfer from savings to checking in the event of an overdraft) or can we just set it up in our system without a signature?

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Operations Compliance
#2221818 - 09/18/19 02:41 PM Re: ODP Transfer form BJ Blazko
Sunshine Lady Offline
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Sunshine Lady
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We require a signature so that we have something showing that the customer authorized the service in case there are problems down the road, but I would think it would be a bank call.
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#2221819 - 09/18/19 02:44 PM Re: ODP Transfer form BJ Blazko
BrianC Online
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Purely a legal question, but consider what you do when a customer claims that they didn't authorize you to make a transfer, or you charge a fee for the service the customer claims they never asked for.

I'm not an attorney, nor do I play one on the internet, but I'm going to say that you want some way of documenting that your customer authorized the sweep arrangement.
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#2221827 - 09/18/19 03:23 PM Re: ODP Transfer form BJ Blazko
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Pulling people out of the ditc...
we require a signature or e-signature for any change to products or services, which would include adding or eliminated ODP.
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#2221832 - 09/18/19 03:53 PM Re: ODP Transfer form BJ Blazko
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Totally agree with Brian, why open yourself up to a customer claiming they didn't authorize.

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#2222159 - 09/23/19 08:13 PM Re: ODP Transfer form BJ Blazko
John Burnett Offline
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John Burnett
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Too many frauds have involved a crook (sometimes a family member) getting access to online banking and moving money from savings to checking and then out via a wire or ACH transaction. A signature on a retained authorization is a good CYA move.
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