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#2223702 - 10/15/19 03:15 PM Outside US CRA Code???
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Okay new one for me,

Loan officer is in process of completing a loan in which the proceeds will be used outside the US. Our typical procedure for all loans is to document the FFIEC CRA geocode information for the location of use of the proceeds.

Since the location is outside of the US, do we leave the geocode blank????
Please educate me on this soon.


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#2223857 - 10/16/19 09:46 PM Re: Outside US CRA Code??? CaseyJones
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Loans outside of USA are not subject to CRA reporting
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#2224074 - 10/21/19 07:29 PM Re: Outside US CRA Code??? CaseyJones
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Is the treatment similar for HMDA Loans?

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