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#2225619 - 11/14/19 03:30 PM Customer Access to Online Banking
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On your online banking application, how do you link accounts? I have seen banks link accounts based on ownership. Example: All deposit and loan accounts in the name of John and Mary Smith will be linked. If John has an account in his name only, this account would not appear when the customer logged into online banking. John would have to set up his individual login to see accounts that are in his name only.

I ask this because some banks will only link accounts when the relationships match. Others will include individual accounts or accounts in different names. (Example John and his daughter Sally, have a savings account. This account would show up when John signs onto the online banking set up for John and Mary.)

I'm just confused, due to privacy issues, what accounts can and cannot be accessed through online banking?

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#2225622 - 11/14/19 03:54 PM Re: Customer Access to Online Banking [Re: 2old2care]
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Unless you own the account, it doesn't show up.
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#2225715 - 11/15/19 07:07 PM Re: Customer Access to Online Banking [Re: 2old2care]
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From your post, it seems you are indicating that John would have 2 log ins, one for the joint account and one for his sole account? There shouldn't be a need for this at all, when John logs in, he should see any accounts he's on, but not any accounts where he isn't an owner/signer.

Each person must have their own online banking login - no one should be sharing (at least as far as the bank knows) and when that person logs in, any account they are on will show up. If John & Mary have a joint account and individual accounts, when John logs in, the joint and his sole accounts show up, Mary logs in and the joint account and her account show.

As Randy stated, never should accounts being showing under someones log in unless that person is a signer or owner.
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#2225804 - 11/18/19 07:58 PM Re: Customer Access to Online Banking [Re: 2old2care]
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I would initially contact your Core, and then possibly your OLB provider. Most likely there is a code that determines whether the account is displayed or hidden.

Our OLB references the tax ID primarily, and then relationship codes. If the account is a sole owner account, for example an IRA, the account will only be displayed in the matching owner's OLB. A joint checking would display in the OLB of each of the joint owners and any other relationship set up to view, for example the OLB of a signer, if there is one.

I guess my last comment would be, are you setting up OLB relationships for couples, and not per user? You might consider the latter. John Smith has his, Mary has hers and each would have accounts displayed based on their relationship to the account.

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#2226288 - 11/25/19 07:59 PM Re: Customer Access to Online Banking [Re: 2old2care]
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Ownership matters, but the exact same ownership on all accounts should not. "A" should see all accounts "A" is on, joint or individual. Hopefully this is just a setting .

I think the bigger problem is when "A" shares credentials with "B" who now has access to all "A's" accounts which could upset "C" who also has a joint account with "A". Other than emphasize the need for each owner to have their own and not share, there is little you can do.
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