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#2227176 - 12/11/19 03:38 PM Social Security Number
Patricia Offline
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We have a customer that opened a checking account and we have discovered that the ss number was issued before date of birth. Tried calling SS but not getting any response. Any suggestions.

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#2227184 - 12/11/19 04:31 PM Re: Social Security Number Patricia
RockChucker, CAMS Offline
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The Country
Did you see the SS card or was the number given verbally? That would influence my decision. If I have an image of the SS card and can verify we didn't transpose a number, I would close out the account and mail the person a check for the balance. If it is possible I transposed the number and couldn't get SS to help, I would require the customer to bring in the card to verify and decide what to do at that time.
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#2227190 - 12/11/19 05:43 PM Re: Social Security Number Patricia
rlcarey Offline
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How do you know it was issued before the date of birth? Those services providers may not be accurate.
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#2227220 - 12/11/19 08:34 PM Re: Social Security Number Patricia
praBSA Offline
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I agree with rlcarey. At a previous employer we used LexisNexis to verify a customer's identity (Name, DOB, Address, SSN). Information as to SS # origin location and issue date was very commonly inaccurate. We did not use that information to make any decisions.

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