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#2228665 - 01/09/20 07:08 PM Bank credit cards
Kristi Offline
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Our policy for bank credit cards that are issued to certain employees or departments is to pay the full balance every month. Every month there are a couple that don't pay it on time so it causes a late few and interest on the card. Can we waive the interest and late fees since we would be getting the income anyway?

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Operations Compliance
#2228691 - 01/09/20 09:41 PM Re: Bank credit cards Kristi
rlcarey Online
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Galveston, TX
If they are your own cards then just set them to zero and zero.

In my day - a late payment equated to loss of card - no exceptions.
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#2228749 - 01/10/20 04:52 PM Re: Bank credit cards Kristi
P*Q Offline

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Why is the process not centralized? In my shop, Finance are the program admins, pay the CC bills and we that have them are responsible to sending the bills with receipts timely.

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