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#2234380 - 04/07/20 09:13 PM Forbearance and Acknowledgement
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I am seeing guidance out there that we still have to send the acknowledgment out the person requesting help, but not within 5 days. We have
up to the time of forbearance to send them an acknowledgement that we received a request for them. Really?
First of all, this is not an incomplete application, it is not a complete application, it is not an application for loss mitigation at all. It is an automatic three month deferral if they attest they have a Covid 19 hardship-no questions asked other than that. Yet we still have to send
them an acknowledgement 90 days later after they have already signed a forbearance agreement. Does this make sense to anyone?

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Mortgage Servicing Rules
#2234673 - 04/13/20 04:34 PM Re: Forbearance and Acknowledgement Comply 101
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I would review the guidance released by the CFPB to date via a Joint Statement and FAQs:

"On April 3, 2020, the federal financial institution regulators and state regulators issued a joint policy statement providing needed regulatory flexibility to enable mortgage servicers to work with struggling consumers affected by the Coronavirus Disease (referred to as COVID-19) emergency. The Bureau also published mortgage servicing rules FAQs related to the COVID-19 emergency."
My opinion, take it for what its worth. Opinions expressed are my own and not those of my employer and are not legal advice.

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