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#2234770 - 04/14/20 05:09 PM ATM Deposits
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Our Funds Availability Policy states that deposits made by ATM are considered deposited when removed from the ATM and that deposit must be made by 2:00pm to be made available next day. I have found out that some of our branches are checking for deposits at all different times of the day, some before 2:00, some after 2:00 and some multiple times a day. Don't all of our branches need to be using the same procedures as when to remove the deposits and wouldn't they need to check for deposits by 2:00 each day to make sure that we are following correct policy?

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Deposits and Payments
#2234773 - 04/14/20 05:30 PM Re: ATM Deposits Jenny Roberts
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Most ATM networks have a set time for when they cutoff their files for the day. The availability to the customer's account should be based on when you receive files from your ATM processor, not when items are removed from the machine.

When I was a branch manager we always removed deposits first thing Monday morning because there was a large volume from the weekend and then made another trip at balancing time. This spread our work throughout the day.

Before addressing what the branches are doing and when, make sure you understand how the ATM deposits are posting to customer's accounts. That will tell you if there is a Reg CC issue or not.
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