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#2234934 - 04/16/20 01:10 PM Masks
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When lobbies are opened back up does anyone have security concerns regarding people walking into the lobby with a mask?

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#2234941 - 04/16/20 02:02 PM Re: Masks terpsfan
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You are here
Depending on the state there may be no choice.

NYS requires masks.
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#2234973 - 04/16/20 04:35 PM Re: Masks terpsfan
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Yes we have concerns but might not have a choice but to allow them.

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#2235909 - 04/29/20 03:11 PM Re: Masks terpsfan
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What about asking masked individuals to uncover momentarily (long enough for a security cam to record the face) and then cover up before entering your staff members' 6-foot zone?

A robber won't want to comply. But some customer's might not be happy, either, since that compromises whatever minimal protection the mask provides.
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#2236623 - 05/13/20 03:29 PM Re: Masks John Burnett
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We discussed this and have advised that tellers simply ask for ID or optionally ask the person to remove the mask momentarily.

Its should not be a big deal as most customers are now using the drive-up window as the preferred method.

Stay safe and well.

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#2238286 - 06/17/20 11:40 PM Re: Masks terpsfan
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We're actually offering masks to clients.
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