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#2235345 - 04/21/20 07:31 PM Community Development Service - Assisting with PPP
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Some of our Community Development Officers have been assisting small businesses and non-profit organizations including churches, which don't have a purpose of community development with their PPP applications. Oftentimes very small businesses and some non profits don't have the resources to provide them guidance on these type of financial matters. Since these employees are providing their expertise, would this type of activity be considered a qualified community development service?

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#2235389 - 04/22/20 11:53 AM Re: Community Development Service - Assisting with PPP Tennismom
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Could be a little sketchy if the clients are getting a product from the bank the CD officers work for, regulators sometimes see this as more product pushing than counseling. But, hey, what have you got to lose by claiming CD service credit.
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