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#2235913 - 04/29/20 03:22 PM Covid and exam schedule
Susan Offline
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Does anyone have information about what examiners are doing with exam schedules in relation to covid-19? Are exams getting pushed back?

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#2235926 - 04/29/20 04:53 PM Re: Covid and exam schedule Susan
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Pulling people out of the ditc...
there are people posting that their exams are underway, so it sounds like they are continuing
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#2235943 - 04/29/20 06:54 PM Re: Covid and exam schedule Susan
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In my area all exams are continuing as planned but virtually.
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#2235958 - 04/29/20 09:35 PM Re: Covid and exam schedule Susan
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In my area they have just moved offsite, they do a majority of the work offsite anyway during normal times.

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#2235997 - 04/30/20 06:07 PM Re: Covid and exam schedule Susan
chenin Offline
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We are in the middle of an exam and it is all offsite.

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#2236038 - 05/01/20 02:25 PM Re: Covid and exam schedule Susan
doodles Online
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We have an exam scheduled to start June 15. It was originally to start June 22 so instead of postponing they moved it up a week. Assuming it will mostly be remote.

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#2236386 - 05/08/20 03:30 PM Re: Covid and exam schedule Susan
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lucky for us i just had my FDIC exams - now we are preparing for offisite audits. everything through the portal. should be interesting but agree not as challenging as those who are conducting exams
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