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#223682 - 08/04/04 08:32 PM Can a service fee close a savings account?
Gray Mare Offline
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I was told that a service fee can not close a savings account. Here's my example: Someone has a savings account with $.25 in it. If we charge $2.00 if the balance drops below $100.00, can we actually close this account out? We currently don't charge if there is not at least $2.00 in the account, so we don't make the account have a deficit balance. We do the same thing with dormant accounts. Can we charge these accounts still when the balances get below the fee amount?
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#223683 - 08/04/04 10:35 PM Re: Can a service fee close a savings account?
rlcarey Offline
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Sure - why not, the customer owes you the money under the depositor's agreement that they signed. However, if the account is dormant - you need to refer to State for guidance on allowable charges.
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#223684 - 08/04/04 11:38 PM Re: Can a service fee close a savings account?
Banker Boy Offline
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If the balance is less than the amount of the service fee, we charge the service fee in the amount of the remaining balance and close the account.

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#223685 - 08/05/04 05:22 PM Re: Can a service fee close a savings account?
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However, you may still need to look to state law for closing account -- some require adequate notice so you can't just service charge and close without consent from the customer. Non-response to a notice or letter of intent to close will usually constitute implied consent if so stated in notice or letter.

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