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#2238610 - 06/24/20 07:27 PM Certified Mail Log
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Operations keeps a log of certified mailings with the date, employee's name, tracking number, recipient with address. They said they were told to do this in a prior audit (before my time). They can't recall why the needed to and are asking about it now.

I do think it is a good process. Does anyone know where I can find more guidance around this or where it may have rooted from?

Thank you.

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#2238623 - 06/24/20 08:55 PM Re: Certified Mail Log Baker
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I'm not aware of any guidance, but back when I was in collections and had to send anything certified mail we would put our initials on the return card. That way, when it arrived in the mailroom, the employee would know where to forward it. It cut down on the all user emails asking "Who sent certified mail to John Doe?" wink
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