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#2241558 - 08/25/20 04:14 PM Overthinking a CTR
Susan Offline
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Three of us have overthought this CTR, and would appreciate some clarity please!

Husband and wife have a joint account. Husband cashed transit checks for $11,000; checks were payable to him. Wife deposited a check payable to her into their joint account, and got $65 cash back on the deposit. Does she get included in the CTR, along with her $65, because the funds went through their joint account?

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#2241561 - 08/25/20 04:34 PM Re: Overthinking a CTR Susan
thomasj Offline
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Was the wife a beneficiary of the $11,000 in cashed checks? It can be difficult to determine unless there was a definitive statement by the husband to that effect. If she did not benefit from or conduct the cash out transactions represented by that $11,000 cash out I would not consider her part of the CTR. Did the husband benefit from the $65 cash out conducted by the wife? Again, difficult to determine unless there was a definitive statement to that effect. If the husband benefited from the $65 cash out, then it should be aggregated with the $11,000 cash out.

It's easy to overthink these. Absent additional information, I would look at this as an individual cashing checks for $11k - reported as conducted on own behalf - the wife's transaction on her behalf would not come into play (again unless there was additional information). If the cash were being deposited it would be a different ball game, but much easier to figure out.
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